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Dearborn Company Newsletter – 3/31/2018

Outside the city of Neverwinter there is a guild of adventurers and heroes known as Dearborn Company. These are their stories…


Blights of Scirsdale

A team of new recruits traveled south to Scirsdale to clear the surrounding forest of an infestation of twig and vine blights. The blights had consolidated at a deep watering hole near the town due to a drought in the area drying up smaller sources of water the blights had settled around. The team was successful in clearing the blights with minimal injuries. Fireniel’s grandmother, Malene, owns the Roxey Inn located in Scirsdale and is very grateful for the team’s quick and decisive resolution to the situation.

Heiress’s Birthright

As a favor to company librarian and trial of initiation, a group of new recruits completed the delicate case of retrieving an inheritance belonging to an old woman in the small town of Everleigh (a quaint river community just a day’s journey from headquarters). The inheritance had been left to the woman’s granddaughter who needed the funds to buy her way out of an unfortunate engagement. The recruits were able to easily overcome the challenges they encountered, including some Grung, a narcissistic lush, animated shrubs, aggressive ceramics and unfriendly books. Despite the eccentric security measures put in place by the late grandmother (a poet and botanist), the recruits were able to retrieve enough of the inheritance to ensure the young woman could leave the engagement and return to collect the rest when she was ready. She was grateful to the Dearborn Company members for their assistance.

Leftovers in the Library

One lonely night a questless group at Dearborn Company was graced with a visit from Estelle VarEmerys. She insisted the group (who cleverly dubbed themselves as The Leftovers) help find her missing daughter and solve the mystery of a dark magic phenomena disrupting her library. The Leftovers discovered a cursed book enchanted by a rotting plagiarism spell. While investigating, they were sucked into the book to fight the dark magic which manifested as a ghoul empire. The Leftovers finally “finished the story” as they slayed the ghoul king and were shot out of the book. The book now tells the tale of their endeavors.


To join the adventures of the Dearborn Company, come to The Village Geek in Manhattan, KS every other Saturday at 5:30pm.

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