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Dearborn Company Stories – Silverymoon Chapter (McP)

Here are the adventures from March 16th, 2019 of the Silverymoon chapter of Dearborn Company, a bi-monthly D&D group that meets every other week in McPherson, Kansas.
Matt Cotton
The services of Dearborn members Bulgol, Sona, Warden, Vargach, Rolen, and new recruit Kay were called upon to assist the investigation of the mysterious death of a local magistrate who was currently prosecuting a case against the son of a Silverymoon crime boss known as The Ox. The case had both the Silverwatch and the city’s Spell Guard stumped: a large creature had somehow targeted the Magistrate in his chambers on the third floor of a well-defended courthouse. More curious still, the creature’s trail began and ended abruptly, as if conjured by magical means, despite summoning magics being disrupted within the walls of the city. What’s more, the magistrate’s personal bodyguard, a member of the spell guard, had also been missing since the afternoon prior to the assault. Though the company suspected that the priest at the adjacent church of Shantae may have seen something, Father Edron proved to be an uncooperative (and very inebriated) witness.
After relaying the information of the case to Quartermaster Jory, who thought the creature’s description to match that of a “Shadowcat” (displacer beast), the party was issued temporary magic weapon licenses and were equipped with special weapons designed to hunt such creatures. As the party geared up, news came from the crime scene: after getting thoroughly sloshed on the ale gifted to him by Bulgol (and his mule, Bartender), Father Edron had confessed that he had in fact seen an assassin with the beast, and that the same man had attempted to silence him in his own church. While the magical barriers that warded the priest’s confessional booth had been enough to thwart the assassin’s initial attempt, he promised that the priest that he would be dead by nightfall. Father Edron described the assailant as having “a face as pale as the moon” and “horns like a devil of the Nine Hells.” Based on this description, several party members feared they had once more run into the elusive Bathory, and proceeded with extreme caution.
It was decided to use Father Edron (or rather, Warden disguised as Edron) to draw out the assassin. The party lay in wait, and at dusk pretended to move Edron from his church to holding cells of the courthouse, which would be more secure. Sure enough, before Warden as Edron could cross the square, a local orphan ran up and handed him a note. As he read the note, a magical rune activated and a shadowy mark etched itself into his forehead, marking him as the intended target. No sooner had the mark appeared that a cloud of smoke suddenly appeared in the center of the square, and from it sprang the beast, dead set on killing Warden. The party sprang into action, using Faerie Fire to illuminate both the creature and his Tiefling master from within the smokescreen. Warden stood toe-to-to with the beast, and with the support of his comrades was able to drive it back (losing consciousness only twice). After wearing the monster down, Rolen struck a bullseye (or in this case, a Shadowcatseye) with a sleep dart, dropping the beast into a deep slumber. Bulgol, after healing Warden’s wounds, slipped him a Potion of Growth to make sure he could finish the job. Meanwhile, Vargach, Sona, and Kay set off in pursuit of the Tiefling, who fled into a nearby park. The pursuers had a running battle with the assassin, as spells, javelins, and crossbow bolts ripped through the air. Sona’s familiar, a Pseudodragon named Phillip, gave pursuit by air, only to be confronted by the assassin’s own familiar, a wyrmling seemingly made of pure shadow. Phillip valiantly tried to stop the assailant from escaping, but was cut down, though not before sending a message to his master, that the warlock was headed into the city’s sewers.
In the sewers, the party found a makeshift dwelling, where it seems the assassin had been living for some time. As they investigated, they found that he had been stalking his mark and planned his attack carefully, but before they could learn more the dwelling and its contents magically vanished, and they were attacked by Shadows. Vargach was incapacitated by the shadow’s strength-draining touch, and Bulgol almost fell as well struggling to get his friend to safety. As the shadows were dealt with, a new threat of a Gelatinous cube moving through the tunnels had the party trapped, but they were able to locate the key to a nearby grate and escape into the sewer main, which led out to the banks of the river. It is clear the assassin fled this way as well, but had vanished into the heavy fog that hung across the water that night. There are many questions left unanswered about the mysterious assassin and how he bypassed the city’s summoning restrictions, but both the guild and the city authorities were impressed by our heroes’ performance. By deducing that the assassin was male, they realized that the shadowy figure behind the attack was not Bathory, but a new threat entirely. However, his pet Shadowcat’s head will be mounted and hung in the Great Hall of the guild, and the tales of Dearborn’s exploits in the city continue to grow.
Ty Gill
Momond, Freyja, Caeldrim, Ater, Druindar, and Ellasarah all took on a escort mission for a wealth merchant lord of silvermoon Tarune (Deals both in normal and black market). He needed a wagon which was built to carry something massive inside had something magically sealed inside. After some preparation they headed to Yartar by land (not a great town to be in based off reputation). They made great time on the first phase of the journey making it to a small town of Everlund. As the party entered the town a nasty thunderstorm system hit and rained well through the night. However their entrance into Everlund was not unnoticed by which a gang decided to try and take the wagon from the party. After a small fight Ellasarah took a nasty arrow to be saved by the quick thinking Ater. During the fight they killed 1 of the 4 with 1 getting away. 2 other where knocked out from damage. Caeldrim found an arrow with a message for the party telling them that the blood would be theirs one way or another signed Daryun. Later Momond did the questioning/torture. 1 died and then 1 was tied to a mule “Daisy” as they made their way out of town onward of their target area. The roads where extremely slow going. They had a few skrims with gnolls but they where out gunned and downed them faster than they could get close and just stayed away after a few fights. Their journey stopped with some broken wheels outside the city about 1/2 a days travel. After they entered the city they had a small discussion and ended up moving to the central town square where they tried to have a public auction. A few merchants had gotten together and where biding amoung themselves about who would offer the most and hit a good high when they just said screw it and left. The party feeling a little down that the excitement crashed at a hault where meet by a cloaked figure who was part of the merchant Tarunes group.
As they got into the warehouse where they where to drop off the shipment they figured out what it was they where hauling. The mage revealed a White wyrmling dragon who was fairly pissed off. The other carts of the same size showed 1 dragon of a different color as well. There where 5 in total and they where all chromatic. After a good payment they where engaged by Daryun who told them he has come for the blood. At which time he dropped down from a walkway, destroyed a cage/barrier, and slaughtered the blue in 1 strike along with using his shield to drink the blue bloods dry. Then as the party was trying to find a way out and discussing the problem at hand he claimed the Reds life and blood. He would try the blacks but a key spell from Ellasarah saved his life from his first swing. The party at this point is starting to engage him, and brake the jails of the white. They get it free while Daryun slaughtered the green while it was bound in its cage as well. The black would fall soon after and the party had just started to graze and distract Daryun. Feeling threatened by him the white took off to the upper part of the building’s roof top that it could reach only to be feel’d soon after Daryun caught him. Killing him with a single blow he followed him to the ground and finished the final blood drain. Doing that jump he took his focus off the group for that split second and the group all engaged him in that split second doing a heavy amount of damage or so they thought. He hit the ground with one knee but stood up and brushed it off as if it was a mere breeze instead of a hurricane the party thought they dished out. He did how ever leave quickly after words leaving a bad taste in this adventure


Jeffrey Tipton

A group of 6 adventures was given a quest by a fire giant to kill all the goblins invading his home they fought hard killing all the goblins except for their boss only to find out the giant was lying to them and it was the goblins home with their heads hung low for the atrocities they had committed only to find lieutenant Braum had made the giant pay with his life.


Brad Lansaw

Finally, we’ve received a break in the case of the Dread Wolf! Returning operatives Thrash, Giggett, and Malik were joined this week by Masura and Dex, both dragonborn that are a bad and a Ranger respectively. These five were tasked with interviewing a few suspect archers with the required talent to be the masked killer from a list compiled and given to the Company by the local watch. On arriving at the first suspect’s house they found the door had been kicked in. Inside and around back they found a scene of bloody carnage as it appeared that the subject of the interview had been attacked in his home and murdered. Our agents managed to apprehend all of the killers and turn them in to the guard.

  At headquarters they learned from Guildmaster Tsiya that a number of other teams he had dispatched to interview suspects from the list had been attacked, a few had gotten away unscathed, but many had been found dead. Two things were decided at this point, first that some affected party had put some sort of contract out on the members of the list, probably in hopes of killing the Dread Wolf, which lead to the second decision, somebody within the watch had leaked the suspect list to the criminal element. At this point Tsiya revealed that his one-time traveling companion and former Dearborn operative, one Tel’abelas Halam’shivanas, was listed as one of the prime suspects in the case. Tsiya claims that he personally handled Tel’s interview and cleared his friend of all suspicions, but that this would have been after the leak. Tsiya dispatched our agents to meet another companion of his, the half-orc cook Kharag, whom Tsiya had tasked some time back with locating Tel’abelas as he had been particularly difficult to locate. Kharag led our group to one of Tel’s local safehouses where aside from a minor altercation with some animated books, and a particularly fatal trap concealed in the form of an Ancient red Dragon’s skull mounted within a trophy room, they were allowed to explore the obviously enchanted home relatively safely. When Tel’abelas finally returned to his home it seems he was ambushed outside and the attackers were all vanquished.
At this point Kharag confronted Tel with the knowledge that Tel’abelas was in fact the Dread Wolf, information he had reason to believe that Tsiya also possessed. Tel attempted to take advantage of a mask he possessed that was intended to protect his secret identity. Those gathered seemed satisfied that Tel was limiting his victims to people of ill intent. It remains to be seen exactly what Tsiya’s decision to keep this information from the watch will mean for the guild’s relationship with them, but at this point it seems certain to put us in a difficult position.




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