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Dearborn Company Update (Neverwinter Guild)

Last weekend, the brave adventurers of the Dearborn Guild found themselves yet again on a number of great adventures – These are a select few of the tales.​​ 

One group found themselves imprisoned to serve the mystic mages of Zanthros. After 5 days of no food or water, they were able to uncover a magical dagger to help them take out the guards & gather their items back. However, before they escaped, they were able to find and defeat the powerful Zanthros. The party escaped safely, and others must return soon to help save the other prisoners!

Another group traveled to the town of Wee-bot in an attempt to find the best ale around, but while doing so heard rumors of a nearby ancient castle with plenty of loot. However, kids attempting to get it themselves had accidentally collapsed a tunnel, trapping them inside. The party set off to the castle to earn the loot & try to save the kids,​​ but they faced a horde of undead led by Dur Darith, a powerful necromancer who serves the Archangel of Necromancy, Velsharoon, also known as Mellifleur. They freed him, however, from his magically trapped prison & is now free to roam the world.​​ 


Lastly, another group were summoned to the Guild Hall’s common room, where they were informed that a Kobold army was moving through the Neverwinter forest, and were expected to attack Neverwinter. They were tasked with sweeping the northern forest and gather information on the army. As they traveled into the forest, they discovered a small Kobold force and eliminated them. There, they discover a map that shows the plan of attack – the Kobolds are planning on attacking Neverwinter from the north! They all head to Neverwinter to prepare their defenses. Armed with siege weapons, the adventurers commanded small squads of forces to repel the Kobold attack. After the siege was completed, the King of Neverwinter thanked the players & granted them the Neverwinter Medal of Valor, giving them honorary nobility within Neverwinter.​​ 

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