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Dearborn Company Update (Neverwinter Guild)

On January 19th​​ and 20th, brave adventurers of the Dearborn company once again set out to help protect the world from evil powers lurking within. These are a select few retellings of events that transpired.


The guild hall and town were attacked by fungus infested zombies! One​​ party was then hired by the town guard to discover the cause and eliminate it. They tracked the plague to patient zero and discovered he came from a mining town to the east. In the town, they rescued the owner of the mining company and raided the company headquarters for a map of the mines where the plague came from,​​ killing all the zombies trapped in the vault and burning the building to the ground. They then traveled​​ into the mine to find it infested with mycanids and a warforged spore Druid. They succeeded in their quest by driving it deeper into the mine and sealing it. Although,​​ the Dearborn company may not have seen the last of it…



Another party was sent into a recently discovered dungeon. They ended up fighting and defeating eight zombies with minimal casualties. Only one creature was knocked out. After that, and a series of triggered traps and failed dismantling, the party reached the tomb lord's crypt. Upon confronting the wraith the bardic duo calmed his evil heart. When asked what the party sought they replied simply, “knowledge”. Thus, a series of riddles was used instead of weapons. After besting the tomb lord he bestowed upon​​ them treasure and an item of unknown origin and power. The Guild then confiscated the artifact for the guild's treasury. 


Yet another group​​ was​​ lead to the desert domain controlled by Anubis.​​ There, he offered a deal for the​​ adventurers. If​​ they accepted they gained the favor of the god of death. Anubis summoned the players to seek out the help of the guardians of western dusk and eastern dawn. With an​​ amulet they fought through​​ Set’s defense and killed an​​ everlasting giant and found an​​ unbreaking arrow. Then released the guardians to help Anubis kill Set and gain control of the desert and death. Anubis rewarded the players greatly.


Stay tuned for the next adventure log of the Dearborn company. If you haven’t gotten to play with the Dearborn company yet, this is your call to adventure! Make sure you get signed up at The Village Geek in Manhattan or McPherson for the next D&D Guild evening!​​ 


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