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Dearborn Company Update (Neverwinter Guild)

These are the adventurers of the Dearborn Guild of The Village Geek (Manhattan) on February 1st​​ and 2nd.​​ 


A robbery had taken place in a nearby town and the Dearborn Company was recruited to investigate the missing objects from the Sildhoulden Antique company. Upon arrival the party of new recruits investigated the store and discovered some of the bandits responsible for the missing treasure still there. A ratfolk cultist attacked the group but upon breaking both of his legs they were able to determine that the cultists were robbing the local stores to pay respects to the skull-lord who had moved into the catacombs. They were able to make their way into the catacombs under the city where they found that many of the tombs had been disturbed as well as a treasure golem. All of the treasure that the ratfolk and kobold kultists had amassed merged with the treasure golem and attacked the party. They got past the golem and deeper into the catacombs where they found a skull lord who had been feeding on the bones of from the tombs in the catacombs. Through magic and force they were able to destroy him thus ridding the city of the kleptomania of his followers and evict the macabre squatting he was doing in the city’s catacombs.​​ 


Elsewhere,​​ members of​​ the guild was sent a letter by Princess Atala Khalid of Calimshan to send help. A blue dragon was attacking ships traveling to her island domain. Several brave members volunteered and were teleported to the island. After rescuing sailors from a burning ship, they discovered that the dragon's lair was on a nearby rocky island. Sailing to the island, they found the dragons cave, high near the top of a cliff, as they observed it flying off to hunt for ships. They scaled the cliff with some difficulty as they were attacked by a pair of phase spiders during the ascent. There, they plundered the dragons hoard and waited for it to return. The dragon returned and the following fight seemed to be turning against them before Maon the wizard slew the dragon with a shadow blade spell. The princess threw the heroes a festival in their honor before returning them home.