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Dearborn Company Update (Neverwinter Guild)

Good day, adventurers! These are the tales of the Dungeons & Dragons Dearborn Company, hailing from the Manhattan Village Geek.​​ 


Hearing of the fabled treasure hordes of Harram the Mad, an infamous general who spent his last days locked up in his stone tower high above the swamps,​​ some​​ members of the Dearborn Company were ever so eager to find his vast riches. Their journey started by undergoing the​​ three-day​​ venture to the tower. While traveling along a forest path skirting the swamps, they encountered a ravenous and seemingly lost group of Giant Toads, setting the group in their sights as their next meal. Dispatching of the toads​​ (while narrowly avoiding being swallowed), the party continued​​ on,​​ finding themselves on the edge of Harram's Swamp. After a series of​​ near-death​​ experiences with kamen and some gruesome Stirge smashing, the guild members finally reached The Black Tower. Realizing the tower had sunk into the swamp, burying the entrance, the party had no choice but to ascend the tower. After facing off against gray ooze, a horde of goblins, and even a mimic, our adventurers found themselves at a dead end. Suddenly, appearing from seemingly nowhere, comes a wraith, the ghost of Harram the Mad himself. After a gruelling battle with Harram and his skeleton minions, the party found the secret entrance to Harram's treasure, recovering the riches and artifacts in the name of the Dearborn Company.


Elsewhere, an​​ oversight left a few members of the guild unable to return to the​​ guild​​ hall by using the teleportation circle and were thus returning by foot from a mission to rid a small village of a troll. On their way back they stopped at an inn where one of the​​ new​​ party​​ members, Trinket, had a dream where a demon asked her for a favor in return for a reward. The party made their way through a forest into a local shrine to the demon that had been taken over by a wizard. In his younger years the wizard had wanted the demon to become his patron,​​ but the demon was​​ so​​ unimpressed by this particular wizard and had chosen not to share his power with him,​​ so the wizard learned magic on his own and developed a loathing for the demon.



These members​​ made their way through the shrine playing a dice game with some animated stone statues and looting some of the rooms. They encountered a specter in a room with a shrine to the demon and some death dogs in a supply room. Eventually they made their way to the ceremony room where the wizard and two of his followers were performing a ritual that would've bound the demon to the wizard and made the demon his pet. The company members were able to stop the ceremony, kill the assistants and ultimately destroy the wizard. The demon presented each of the party members with an iron flask containing a dretch that they could call upon in their hour of need and for her service and faithfulness the Goristro offered to become the patron of young barbarian gnome Trinket. She accepted and is now a warlock. 


Other members of​​ Dearborn received a mission to locate a missing legendary spell scroll from the College of Neverwinter. It was last seen in Longsaddle and then, while​​ scrying for​​ its​​ location, it​​ vanished. The group arrived to Longsaddle and investigated a sinkhole that led to the sewers. After following a construct, they found an illusionary door that led to an underground facility filled with constructs. They beat their way through to discover a small evil gnome wizard who found a Zaratan long asleep in Longsaddle, who stole the Gate Spell, used it to teleport the Zaratan to his lair to try and control it but learned that its intelligence is too low to control. A fight ensued, they killed the wizard, and the Zaratan caused the structure to fail so the group ran out​​ and teleported back to the​​ Guild Hall for payment.