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Fun Army: Rebel Spies/Smugglers

Okay so I’m going to talk here about a super fun list- don’t expect anything more. This is not an incredibly competitive archetype at this time (about 2-3 months before the release of Jabba’s Realm) and it will probably only become less competitive with the release of Jabba. That being said, this is an archetype that can really get your juices flowing, and one Blue players from Magic the Gathering will certainly appreciate.

This list came about after the release of The Bespin Gambit and all the spy goodness included in that wave. I’ll admit, part of what attracted me to this archetype is the thematic nature of the various figures: shady, up-to-no-good smugglers and their sneaky friends. Here’s what I played initially:

Rebel Spies/Smugglers (15/14/40)


[5] Jyn Odan

[8] Leia Organa

[6] Lando Calrissian

[2] Alliance Smuggler

[7] Elite Rebel Saboteur

[7] Elite Rebel Saboteur

[3] R2-D2

[2] Rebel High Command

And a command deck something like this:

[2] Comm Disruption

[2] One in a Million

[1] Black Market Prices

[1] Intelligence Leak

[0] Element of Surprise

[0] Fleet Footed

[0] Stall for Time

[2] Slippery Target

[1] Smuggled Supplies

[1] Strategic Shift

[1] Cheat to Win

[2] Slippery Target

[1] Stealth Tactics

[1] Hit and Run

Being able to play any of these cards can pretty situationally powerful. playing Intelligence Leak there times in one game cab room your opponent’s, as well. The same would definitely be said for Comm Disruption or Cheat to Win, allowing Lando to guarantee two dodges or maxing out good damage potential

Additionally, the list gains some tricks and shenanigans from the Smuggler keyword through cards such as Black Market Prices for additional card draw, as well as the ability to play cards like Smuggler Supplies and Stealth Tactics on Jyn for potential crazy defense and movement.

My first couple games with this list were against a Scum army with Bossk, Trandoshans, Hired Guns, then an Imperial Trooper list. Both of which are decent matchups but I ended up winning. This Spies/Smugglers list (wish I had a better name for it) can best just about any list that heavily relies on Command Cards, such as Troopers with Reinforcements, or anything that really needs extra movement through cards like Urgency, Hit and Run, Fleet Footed, etc.

A couple of changes I have made: I took out one group of Elite Sabs for Mak and Murne. Mak is a 3 point Spy and an extra activation. Murne’s ability to hide a friendly figure triggers almost every round with this list. Also, the possibility of recycling Fatal Deception with Leia is pretty exciting. I’ve come to realize, though, in many matchups the Sabs are probably just the way to go. They are more efficient figures.

The biggest thing this list lacks, though, is raw firepower. None of the figures have a natural three dice attack pool. I’ve decided that a minimum two Commands Cards a turn from RHC is enough and have swapped out R2-D2 for C-3PO. Focusing a Sab or Lando is just too good, and Distracting with Jyn is very good.

This certainly an archetype that requires careful play. One misplay or a couple bad rolls can cost you the game. However, when played well and with as little luck it can be effective and is a testament to the higher variety of styles of play in IA Skirmish, even though the game has only been out about two years at this point.

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