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Getting Started with Guns for Hire

Hey pilots! Since Guns for Hire just came out for the X-Wing Miniatures game, I thought I’d share some ideas I have. These are not full squads, just single ship builds. This is going to be a two-part article starting with one of my favorite terrible-but-no- longer-terrible ships: the Kihraxz Fighter!

Cartel Marauder


Look, I’m not saying this is a great ship build. But imagine 4 of these guys zipping around the board and, if you fly them right, I feel like there could actually be a higher ceiling than you might think. With a barrel roll and potential shield regen, there’s some fun to be had here and there’s just something about this build that takes me back to the roots of what makes X-Wing fun. Other options could be removing the Hull Upgrade for an Ion Discharger and a Hull Upgrade which, now that I think about it, might be the better option, since you’re saving two points instead of one.

Just assume all of these builds have the Vaksai title.

Black Sun Ace

You can’t ever really go wrong with an efficient munitions platform- especially one that can get it’s munitions back and doesn’t need a lock on its intended target. There’s a bonus to Deadeye that a lot of newer players don’t think about: by not having to target lock, you’re not broadcasting who you’re going to shoot at. Why Concussion Missile and not Cruise? It’s pretty reliable, but honestly insert your missile of choice and it’s a recipe for success. Throw on Vectored Thrusters and Pulsed Ray Shield for only a point each depending on available points and preference but either way you have a pretty efficient ship. My only reservation with this build is that with the recent erratas and the coming meta changes (Aces becoming a bit more viable again) it’s yet to be seen how effective it’ll be.

Viktor Hel

Viktor will really have to prove himself in the coming months, but he has one Hel of an ability for his cost. A pseudo Rebel Captive, he can reliably deal out one stress on the first round of combat and fairly likely in future rounds as well. I think this is one where fitting him into a list is going to be a little tricky. However, he’s fairly well-costed. The above build is 33 points and seems to be worth it on paper. You just might want to run something really threatening next to him, such as a Dengar or Fenn Rau.

And there you have it! Those are three K-Fighter builds to get you started! I’d talk about my bae, Talonbane Cobra not honestly I think she’s a little more straight forward building out and she’s going to be pretty good no matter how you do it, whether that’s with Engine/Autothrusters, Pulse Ray Shields/Ion Discharger or my personal favorite, Cloaking Device/Stygium Particle Accelerator. They great thing is that you don’t have to choose just 2 modifications! So go out there and make the Black Sun proud!

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