Our Community

Central to our community is The Village Geek: a game and comic store with locations in McPherson, Kansas and Manhattan, Kansas. The contributors of Minis & Meeples are regular patrons, employees, and owners of The Village Geek. Together we have built a thriving, friendly and inclusive community. Although we love the competitive nature of gaming together, we hold togetherness to be the highest importance. We aren’t just a bunch of people who happen to play games together. We have built something more meaningful and encourage others to take part in this community as well.
Games that we currently play are as follows: Magic the Gathering, Pokemon TCG, Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures, Star Wars Imperial Assault, and much more! We also occasionally have PC and video game console LAN parties. If you’re in central Kansas, we would love for you to stop by and join us! We hope this blog scratches your itch to learn more about the gaming hobby.