Pokémon TCG

Why You Should be Playing the Pokemon TCG

The Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) is my new favorite game. I have been playing it since October 2016 and it has quickly risen to the top of my favorite games list. Here are three reasons you should stop by on a Pokemon League night (Monday or Wednesday) and learn to play.

  1. Pokemon TCG is simple to learn. Each player only does actions on their own turn. Games like Magic: the Gathering allow players to interact on each other’s turns but that complicates the game. The simpler play-style of the Pokemon TCG is great for gamers of all experience to learn and have fun. It may be simpler to play than other TCG’s but there is still plenty of depth to deckbuilding and in-game decision making to keep the game fresh and exciting each time you play.
  2. Pokemon TCG is cheap to play. You can play meaningful games with just a theme deck that costs $14.99 which is not always the case with other TCG’s. As you purchase more booster packs you can make upgrades and changes to the theme deck that will improve it. I have multiple Pokemon TCG decks that together cost less than one of my Magic: the Gathering decks. The Pokemon Company does their best to keep the cost of entry low for new players and I really appreciate that.
  3. Pokemon TCG is fun to play. I look forward to Pokemon nights each week. I love finding the Pokemon I enjoyed catching in the video game or watching on the TV show and making decks with them. The art on the cards looks great and the special rarity cards in their sets look amazing! Pokemon has provided hours of gameplay enjoyment for me so far and it will provide hundreds more in the future.

There are my 3 reasons you should come check out a Pokemon League night at The Village Geek. I have decks you can borrow to learn the game and there is always someone at League who is more than willing to teach new players. League is a free event and fun for all ages. The League nights are on Monday (6PM-8PM) and Wednesday (7PM-9PM) and are a come-and-go event. I hope to see you at a League night soon!

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